Post 2009 WWDC Announcements.. iPhone 3Gs, MacBook Pro & Snow Leopard

I’ve waited for many hours (1:00am PH time) just to hear and see the 2009 WWDC Keynote.

Some of the interesting announcements made today.

New Improved MacBook Pro Family


  • Speed bumps
  • Longer Battery life up to 7 hours
  • SD Slot
  • No more MacBook Unibody

iPhone 3Gs


  • Digital compass
  • 3mp camera
  • Camera: AF, AWB and VGA Video recording
  • Slightly increased battery life
  • Many more software enhancements via iPhone OS 3.0
  • 2x speed improvement
  • Data tethering

Save the dates and prepare your deposit slips

Mac OS X Snow Leopard will be available in September. Upgrade will be $29 only

iPhone 3G 8GB will now be the low-end iPhone selling it for $99 with carrier contracts

iPhone OS 3.0 will be available on June 17 $9.95 for upgrade

iPhone 3Gs will be on sale on June 19 $199 16GB, $299 32GB


Was twittering like crazy last night while reading Engadget’s live blog and watching / listening to Ustream .

Now gadget lust is acting up again..

If Globe Telecom will allow data tethering I’ll probably buy the iPhone 3Gs because I’m now in the market of buying an iPod Touch.

The new refined unibody MBP seems to be a sensible upgrade because of the 7 hours* battery life but I’ll try not to since my current last gen aluminum MBP still serves what I need. Frankly, a Mac Pro can be a reasonable one if the price is not so prohibiting, this will best paired with my 5D Mark II’s 21mp image files and Full HD videos. But I’ll definitely upgrade to Snow Leopard irregardless.

It’s the year of financial breakdowns for many and it seems these tools “gizmos” are magnets to our hard earned cash. I know myself, sometimes I just need to be flooded with the tech specs and my GL (gadget lust) will diminished. I hope that will work again.

But “one more thing” I really like the new iPhone 3Gs, I already skipped 2 generations and just settled with s60 symbian smartphones like the e61i and e71.

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