Finally a human post here on after almost 3 years!

Hello there! As I’ve tweeted yesterday I will re-activate this website to its full glory. This site has been around since March 2009 and my first post was this. I’ve already spent 2 days for this, shopping for a nice but minimal theme that will serve this blog’s purpose, today I tweaked the template to my liking but still I’ll be adding other static pages in the coming days.

I miss blogging and my first blog site was PinoyPhotographer.Net I slowly wane down blogging my thoughts when the time I got hooked to Facebook and then Twitter much. No one can deny that social media  made a great impact in our lives, it changed our way of living actually. Too bad I wasn’t able to maintain PinoyPhotography.Net in the top 20 photography blogs well according to technorati, but wait I have an “evil” plan pero isa isa lang muna.

So what now? Where do we go from here? This blog site is an experimental project, I want to hit multiple subjects with one stone. I just want to post all the things in my mind, my hobbies and my work that I think will be beneficial to others in one central location. This will of course co-exist with and Mainly, what I plan to post here are about technology and gadget reviews, tips, tricks and quick hands-on. I also plan on posting App reviews but that is not in the priority list for now. There will be an occasional posts about design and cross-posts or featured links from the two photography websites that I maintain.

I’m very much excited and I also plan on posting anywhere just like tweeting! By the way I edited the About me page and theres a new wannabepogi pic too. Happy geeking see you around!

PS. You know the drill now, either you Like it, Tweet it or +1 it or just simply comment below with your FB, Twitter credentials or register on this site. Thanks

PSS. Please ignore the posts on the previous pages its my auto-feed tweets from 2009 until yesterday.

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