What is the fuss about 500px?

What is 500px? Heres the sites About Us

500px is a photographic community powered by creative people from all over the world that lets you share and discover inspiring photographs.

Indeed I can attest to the above description, it is the new Flickr but more stunning uploads with simple but great site interface. The main difference of 500px from Flickr is, you don’t need to publish all your photos it is a showcase of your best work, a site for your portfolio. There are very few Filipinos on 500px, maybe we are just too busy uploading our “awesome” pictures on Facebook. I’m actually campaigning it to photog friends to join in now. Its been over 6 months now since I joined and it simply inspires me just checking out the photos specially the popular gallery. Add me on 500px.com/tekgik I’ll do more uploads soon. A word of caution: if you are the type that don’t wanna see artistic nudes oftenly then 500px might not be for you. But there is a nude filter so you can safely browse with kids at your back.

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