Five Reasons Why You Might Need a US iTunes Account

The Philippine iTunes Store is limited to buying iOS apps only. Many of the prime features are not available due to copyright reasons. Here are the five reasons why you might need a US iTunes account.

  1. Music – Filipinos love music no doubt about it, and with 20 million + songs in the US iTunes store (with some OPM ones) it is nice  to support the Artists that made the songs that you really like. The average price is US$0.99 – 1.99 per song only and its very easy to make a purchase on the iPhone and iPad. Also as of 2009 all songs downloaded from the iTunes store are now DRM free! Meaning you can use it on any device that you own like music players and including playing it with USB sticks.
  2. Movies and TV Shows – Apple is the first successful digital music distribution store and the #1 out there in terms of sales right now. Since they are the forefather and leader in the digital music distribution business, they’ve entered the Movies and TV show distribution too. Unfortunately, production and film companies are allergic distributing their products to the rest of the world. The US iTunes Store is one of the best online store to get your rental and digital purchases and again if you are Apple devices “stock holder” like me, you can play all of these seamlessly on all your iDevices specially on the Apple TV.
  3. iTunes Match – This is part of the iCloud, Lion OS and iOS 5 powerhouse and Apple just turned the switch last November. iTunes Match is a cloud based service where it magically check your songs to match it in their existing online library so you don’t have to upload every songs from your computer.  Whats more interesting is that your long time crappy 128kbps bit rate songs can now be downloaded as 256kbps. I’ve just subscribed this week and interestingly almost all of my OPM songs were matched by the service.
  4. Apps – For some reason there are apps that are only available in the US iTunes App store. Examples are Shazam, FB Messenger and Google+ on its launch to name a few. Kindly note that this also apply in the Mac OS App store.
  5. FREE Music and Videos – Yes while the US iTunes Store is a paid service, Apple regularly publish free tracks and videos weekly and occasionally. I’ve downloaded a whole Starbucks Album and Christmas Songs last last year during a promo post on their Facebook page.

There you have it, I will try a follow up post on how to create a US iTunes account even if you are in the Philippines. My problem right now is that the rainy weather is so good that my eyes are falling. Have a good sunday.

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