Cloudfone Temptation – An Affordable Android Phone or Get it for “Free” From Globe

Just 3 hours ago I was in Globe business center Binondo (spent almost half of my day for this) to apply for an additional postpaid line and phone. I need a new landline phone with a Globe Duo service. Luckily I found out that there is a Cloudfone Temptation that is an Android Phone with physical QWERTY keyboard and a touch sensitive screen offered by Globe. Glich’s Life said its a repackaged Huawei U8350, GSM Arena has its full specs.

Whats intriguing is that, if I will get a P299 basic plan plus an unli service I need to shell out for P1,220. Because of this confusing plan scheme I’ve gone straight to an unli Super Duo booster which is P599 a month (unlimited mobile to mobile and landline) and got the phone for free but locked my life to Globe’s “superb” service for 24 months. I have no choice since almost all of our clients is Globe including me, my family and friends.

Having a Samsung Galaxy Mini Android with Froyo I know that this phone can beat any mid-end Nokia or similar symbian based or maybe a windows phone in terms of App abilities. I have yet to play with it thoroughly to be able to conclude if its worth a “sulit” worth it cheap Android phone.

The phone looks like a Blackberry in size and design. It has a QWERTY keyboard which reminds me of my calculator looking Nokia e61i. Initial impressions are good, it doesn’t feel cheap nor looks like cheap. Surprisingly I like its screen than my Galaxy Mini, its sharper and vibrant. I’ll be setting-up this phone to be able to communicate thru internet apps like GTalk, Google+, push mail and etc so we can save SMS fees locally and abroad.

I will try to post a review after a week and lets see if it can work as our main landline and mobile communicating device.

For the meantime you can ask questions in the comment section if you are interested. Twitter or FB will do.


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