LG Philippines New Smart Appliances


Few weeks ago I attended the launching of new products from LG. The first thing hit my mind when I receive the invite was that, does LG know that I’m in the market of buying a new TV? Well, of course its pun intended. For the past 4 weeks that our TV died from the adventures of youngest son, I’ve been researching and wanting a new television.

LG Philippines announced its new TV’s specifically the LA series models.Surprisingly the monster 84″ LG Ultra HD TV (worlds first Ultra HD TV) was in the holding area. That ultra sharp 84″ incher TV was showing a series of excellent photographs, I can’t hide the fact that It would be fantastic to have that kind of huge screen at home and I also imagined that at this size 4k footages will be as detailed as the demo’ed photographs. But after hearing the price, all the dream to have an ultra monster TV became an impossible thought.


Inside the event hall, LG displayed the new 2013 LA 8600 and 6200 series TV’s. Jane Zulueta product manager of LG Home Entertainment demo’ed the new TV’s on stage. I was all ears listening and watching LG’s new TV offerings because I’m really in the market for a new TV and I was specifically interested to know its Smart TV technology. I got impressed by the Voice Mate feature and the new models are said to be equipped with the new IPS panel technology that illuminates the entire display panel evenly.

Day after that event, I quickly decided and bought a 42″ LM6200 LG Smart 3D TV (a 2012 model though). Up to now, I can’t deny the fact that I’m very happy with my purchase. The Passive 3D is a world of difference, the dual-play is a tech wonder and the Smart features and the Magic Motion Remote is performing more than I expected. One thing that I miss though is the 52″ size of our my old plasma TV.

Aside from televisions, LG also announced their other Smart appliances from washing machines, refrigerators and air conditioners each touting their Smart features.


The event was represented by the LG executives and guest speakers.

(L-R): Mr. Youngmin Chae, vice president of LG Home Appliances; Mr. Hoony Bae, vice president of LG Home Entertainment; Mr. Sungwoo Nam, LG managing director; Raquel Huliganga, Department of Energy (DOE) director; Carol Chuaying, marketing head of MagnaVision Philippines; Mr. Taewon Han, vice president of LG Air Conditioner and Energy Solutions; and Mr. Roland Dallarte, head of LG Corporate Marketing.

Group Photo: Provided by LG Philippines

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