iPhone X, iPhone 8 Plus and iPhone 8 “Actual” Size Differences

It’s been awhile.. Well, it’s been years since I posted here. It was long enough that there’s already a new 10th anniversary iPhone.

I’ve been a switcher to Plus size iPhone since the 6 Plus. Right now I’m using the 7 Plus which I got early this year and was fairly new from September of 2016. But Apple just decided to have a special edition iPhone this year which is now called the iPhone X. The iPhone X is thinner and shorter than the Plus and a little bit taller and wider against the iPhone 6, 7 and 8 models.

I just can’t hide the fact that it’s an interesting phone for an upgrade path in the far future (hopefully I can hold on). So with some extra time and quick compositing, I took the actual photos from Apple’s comparison page and made this overlay mock-ups.

iphones compa

Based from the mock-up above, I can say that if you are accustomed by the actual frame size of the iPhone 6, 7 and 8 you will love the X model with a bonus of bigger screen and higher resolution. And if you love the Plus size models just like me, you will be tempted because the (tad) narrower screen could be a good compromise for a better hand holdable / pocketable experience.

As of this writing, I’m really not looking forward on upgrading to it anytime but the 4K 60fps video is tempting since I use my iPhone 7 Plus sometimes for video work as our C / B cam. Other than that, I can live with my 7 Plus for the meantime.

Note: I hope Apple’s photos are in the same ratio of each of the models so that this mock-up will give us a near accurate estimate of the size differences. 


Wish Apple Will Say More. iPhone 6 and iWatch? We’ll see!

Apple teased the September 9 event with a “Wish we could say more” line. The event is believed to be the unveiling of the new iPhone which happens every year during September. If you’ve been following the tech blogs chances are you’ve already seen the leaked iPhone 6. Rumors says that there will be two versions of the iPhone, one with 4.7 in screen and the other one is 5.5 in.

I’m very excited with the announcement since I’m due for a re-contracting this coming January and my iPhone 5 really needs a replacement because of its damaged screen panel.

Theres a rumored “iWatch” too so this event is will be a packed one if its true. This rumored “iWatch” doesn’t excite me much but if it can call, shoot photo, monitor my health independently then my money will probably negotiate.

Apple may finally be releasing iOS 8 on this event if not today maybe within this week. We’ll see!

This Apple event will start at 10:00 AM Pacific time on September 9 so here in Philippines it will be on September 10 at 1:00 AM.

So Apple please say more and excite us!

Apple App Store Productivity Apps Discount on Going

The iOS app has an on going sale of some of most famous productivity Apps on the App Store. Fantastical 2, Scanner Pro, Boxer, Launch Center Pro and many more.

I already have 3 of the apps among the list. Today I bought Boxer, this app is a universal email app that has a promising feature set and I hope its worth the $4.99 price tag (discounted).

Grab the opportunity and visit your App store, you won’t miss it as it is featured on the slider above. I highly recommend Fantastical 2, Scanner Pro and Launch Center Pro 3 since I have a first hand experiences with these apps and continuously using it up to today.

Box of Hobbies Rainy Season Sale – Discounted Camera and Gadget Accessories


Our sister site Box of Hobbies just started their Rainy Season Sale. Brands like Lowepro, Sandisk, Lexar, Skiva, Benro, Yongnuo and many more. Item categories ranges from camera bags, tripods, memory cards, cables and other camera accessories. We were told that the sale will only last until September 15, 2014. So hurry up and grab the discounts and shop directly here.

Bike Mag’s 2014 Photo Annual – A Visually Inspiring Issue

I always anticipate Bike Mag’s photo annual issue. Its a visually inspiring issue. I always wish to shoot something like it but the closest I had was when we were hired by Nuvali at the Nuvali’s Dirt Weekend and its not quite extreme as those that you can see in Bike Mag.

Where to see it? Subscribe to Zinio.

Its Official! Amazon’s Kindle Unlimited is Here!

In just under 24 hours, Amazon now officially launched Kindle Unlimited. You can subscribe with the service for $9.99 / month or roughly Php45 and get unlimited access to over 600,000 ebooks and thousand of audiobooks. That’s a great deal for book readers but the big question is how will the newbie writers and authors will earn a decent living from it.

Unfortunately its a US only service, I have a kindle US account and I will let you know if it will work.

Here’s the link for the 30 days trial

Family Mart in Escolta is Opening Today

The Ayala-run Family Mart convenience store is opening a branch today in the historic street of Escolta. The branch is exactly located at the newly renovated Natividad building.

This will surely make the existing Mini Stop panic, and they should because their store needs a heavy renovation not to mention a heavy clean up.

Hopefully this will encourage more big time businesses to open in the Escolta area.

Monument Valley – A Game of Trickery

I maybe late in the game downloading this fantastic app. Monument Valley is what games should be in touch gadgets such as tablets and smart phones. Its a puzzle-like game with 3D illusion trickery for you to be able to get through the path and gates. The $3.99 vector rendered game looks really cool on the iPad Air, but what makes it even more awesome is the in-game sounds that makes vibration-like experience whenever a scenario demands it.

So far I’m on level 3 because my eldest son kidnapped my new “toy”. Hopefully I get to finish it this sunday when work mode is turned off. Are you playing Monument Valley too?

Save 50% on bandwidth with the newly updated Chrome iOS

Google Chrome for iOS is now updated with the intriguing “50% bandwidth savings” feature. How true? We still don’t know yet.

If you want to track it then go to your Chrome settings and tap on the Bandwidth option. For Android users, you should have this already because Chrome Android released this last January 16.

Fire up your app updates now!

Don’t fall for “Apple” email scams like this

Screen Shot 2014-01-22 at 11.00.29 AM

There are tons of  Apple scam emails that is taking the rounds on the web. Just a tip, always look at the actual email address if it has a valid Apple.com URL / domain. If you see something similar just like at the above image then obviously it’s a scam. In the first place the language of the email is in French which is impossible for me to receive because my Apple ID’s are Ph and Us only. Be careful out there.

Camera+ 5.0 takes iPhone photography to the next level

The popular iOS camera app Camera+ 5.0 is now available. It has some new exciting features like the Clarity Pro which can be found with an abundance of new tools in The Lab.

Best part is you can upgrade your existing Camera+ free of charge!

Take a look at the new features here

Simplified Waze Update

Waze version 3.2.2 iOS update is out. Auto typing completion will soon hit your search box. Waze simplified the menus too which I think a very wise UI tweak. This is rather minor but very helpful update and if you are like me who use Waze on a daily basis this is a very welcome improvements. Continue reading Simplified Waze Update

Official Twitter App Turns v6.0

Twitter has been busy since its IPO offerings. They are trying a lot of new features to its platform. Today version 6.0 of its iOS app comes out.

There are some new design tweaks in this release plus the ability to send and receive photos via DM. See my screenshot above to know more about the entire release notes.

Unfortunately Tweetbot will still be my primary Twitter client.