iPad Air and iPad Mini Retina Coming to the Philippines This December


Its coming! iPad Air and iPad Mini Retina to be available from Smart. There’s a teaser on Smart‘s website and a sign-up button too that doesn’t work right now. Its going to be interesting on how much will Smart sell these new Apple tablets.

While Globe on the other hand announced it via DJ Mo Twister’s Twitter account that they will sell it starting December 19. See the tweet below.

Now time to lock the wallet and forget that it will be available this December.

Source: Smart

Reply, RT and Favorite Buttons Now in Twitter App’s Timeline

As I enjoy my return to Tweetbot as my primary Twitter client. The official Twitter app has been updated today and shows the Reply, Retweet and Favorite button in the timeline view. My point is, I like the old way, buttons should be hidden to have more timeline space.

Also, in this update Twitter made the image previews large and prominent occupying more timeline space. Luckily you can disable it in the settings.


This update makes my Tweetbot 3 love affair stronger. Ciao for now official Twitter app.

Google Phone – The Moto X


Google as they promised formally announced the Moto X. Moto X is the first Google made phone since they bought Motorola Mobility.

It packs 4.7″ Amoled screen, 10mp camera, X8 (1.7ghz dual core) Snapdragon CPU, 2GB RAM and a whopping 24 hours battery.

What we don’t know if its going to be available here in the Philippines but in the US it is slated to be sold this September.

Image source: Motorola

Your Waze Car Now Has Headlight When Driving at Night

Waze the new billion dollar baby of Google has been updated. Version 3.7.2 (iOS) now features showing a headlight in front of your nav car on the map whenever you use it in night mode.

I found a bug in this version though, the app is freezing sometimes.

And yeah Android version will have to wait again.

Instagram Adds Video


Facebook’s Instagram now adds 15 seconds video recording. The famous all-in-one social sharing app will be going head to head with Twitter’s Vine app.

Just like Vine the Instagram video can record and pause so you can ‘film’ several cut scenes without even touching a post-production app. Aside from this, it also features 13 filters that will provide your clips a ‘cinematic’ or ‘nostalgic’ feel.

Unfortunately the recording feature is only available on iOS. Android version will surely follow soon.

For me, I feel Vine’s 6 seconds is more practical. Time will tell who will win this battle


Android version of Instagram (4.0) now has video too

Wanna Know Your IP Address Quickly? Here’s a Tip!

Screen Shot 2013-06-10 at 9.33.37 AM

Open any browser that has Google search built in. Type “My IP” without the “quotes” then Google will give you your IP address (as seen above). This is useful for technical reporting like if you are having problems with your server or anything.

A warning though, your IP address is your direct computer address on the web and you should to not divulge your IP if you don’t trust who you are talking to.

Emoji on iOS Can Now be Seen on Android


Emoji’s are now compatible on Android, at least on Jelly Bean OS. It doesn’t display as colorful as iOS but you can clearly see what the icon is. See my above screenshots.

It is a bright move by Android since it is very popular on Instagram to use Emoji’s.

New Google Maps (2013)


This morning I was looking for a location in Google Maps. The site prompted me if I’m interested on trying the new Google Maps which was revealed last Google I/O. Few hours later here it is, the new Google Maps. Some thoughts, the search bar is more visible now, colors are more muted. By hovering on the photos below you can now see some animated annotation pertaining to the location of the photo on the map. Continue reading New Google Maps (2013)

Tweetbot’s Cards View Entices Me To Come Back


Its been awhile since I last used Tweetbot both on the iPhone and iPad. If you are following me on Twitter for a long time then you’ll probably know how Appoholic I’am.

Tweetbot has been my favorite Twitter client after Tweetings. Since then I evangelized its awesome unique features. But lately the official Twitter app has been pushing some great stuff and honestly fell in love with it.

Today, I accidentally opened my Tweetbot on my iPhone, pulled down the stream and saw a rectangle on the side of the search bar. Apparently Tweetbot added a “Cards View” or they simply call it “Media View” it displays all supported embedded photos and videos and shows the full width of the stream.


I will give it a run this weekend and see if I’ll reunite my love with Tweetbot.

XBOX One Announced – The One for Gaming and Watching?


Microsoft has just announced its XBOX One (thankfully not 720) the next gen console after the well-loved 360. It is now an entertainment system that can play Blu-ray and of course digital medias thru its internal HDD.

The 8-core powered media entertainment console will surely drive the heat with the impending release of Sony’s PS4. This makes the famous gaming consoles not for playing alone, and this may impact the standalone market of media players, well if this will be sold cheap.

I’m really excited for both systems the XBOX One and the Sony PS4. But since we already have the PS3 the Kinect technology has been lingering around my head for quite some time. Maybe this is the opportunity to try since Microsoft said it has next gen of Kinect technology.

Microsoft’s announcement is still just a teaser and will most likely reveal the full details including the price and release date at E3 2013 in June. For now, you can read the basic details at the XBOX One site.

Image Source: XBOX One

Hangouts Replaces Google Talk


Google Talk a.k.a. Gtalk is now gone. Last week at the Google i/o event, Google launched its unified messaging app called Hangouts. It is part of Google’s strategy in streamlining its overlapping products. Hangouts is capable of sending and receiving images and videos. It is now also the messaging app to handle video calls.

Hangouts is planning on to be the 1-for-all messaging and video calling needs. It is available on both Android and iOS including on desktop PC’s.

One of the cool features is the Hangouts On Air – think Ustream.

You can read more about Hangouts here