iPhone X, iPhone 8 Plus and iPhone 8 “Actual” Size Differences

It’s been awhile.. Well, it’s been years since I posted here. It was long enough that there’s already a new 10th anniversary iPhone.

I’ve been a switcher to Plus size iPhone since the 6 Plus. Right now I’m using the 7 Plus which I got early this year and was fairly new from September of 2016. But Apple just decided to have a special edition iPhone this year which is now called the iPhone X. The iPhone X is thinner and shorter than the Plus and a little bit taller and wider against the iPhone 6, 7 and 8 models.

I just can’t hide the fact that it’s an interesting phone for an upgrade path in the far future (hopefully I can hold on). So with some extra time and quick compositing, I took the actual photos from Apple’s comparison page and made this overlay mock-ups.

iphones compa

Based from the mock-up above, I can say that if you are accustomed by the actual frame size of the iPhone 6, 7 and 8 you will love the X model with a bonus of bigger screen and higher resolution. And if you love the Plus size models just like me, you will be tempted because the (tad) narrower screen could be a good compromise for a better hand holdable / pocketable experience.

As of this writing, I’m really not looking forward on upgrading to it anytime but the 4K 60fps video is tempting since I use my iPhone 7 Plus sometimes for video work as our C / B cam. Other than that, I can live with my 7 Plus for the meantime.

Note: I hope Apple’s photos are in the same ratio of each of the models so that this mock-up will give us a near accurate estimate of the size differences. 


Save 50% on bandwidth with the newly updated Chrome iOS

Google Chrome for iOS is now updated with the intriguing “50% bandwidth savings” feature. How true? We still don’t know yet.

If you want to track it then go to your Chrome settings and tap on the Bandwidth option. For Android users, you should have this already because Chrome Android released this last January 16.

Fire up your app updates now!

iPad Air and iPad Mini Retina Coming to the Philippines This December


Its coming! iPad Air and iPad Mini Retina to be available from Smart. There’s a teaser on Smart‘s website and a sign-up button too that doesn’t work right now. Its going to be interesting on how much will Smart sell these new Apple tablets.

While Globe on the other hand announced it via DJ Mo Twister’s Twitter account that they will sell it starting December 19. See the tweet below.

Now time to lock the wallet and forget that it will be available this December.

Source: Smart

Your Waze Car Now Has Headlight When Driving at Night

Waze the new billion dollar baby of Google has been updated. Version 3.7.2 (iOS) now features showing a headlight in front of your nav car on the map whenever you use it in night mode.

I found a bug in this version though, the app is freezing sometimes.

And yeah Android version will have to wait again.

Wanna Know Your IP Address Quickly? Here’s a Tip!

Screen Shot 2013-06-10 at 9.33.37 AM

Open any browser that has Google search built in. Type “My IP” without the “quotes” then Google will give you your IP address (as seen above). This is useful for technical reporting like if you are having problems with your server or anything.

A warning though, your IP address is your direct computer address on the web and you should to not divulge your IP if you don’t trust who you are talking to.

Emoji on iOS Can Now be Seen on Android


Emoji’s are now compatible on Android, at least on Jelly Bean OS. It doesn’t display as colorful as iOS but you can clearly see what the icon is. See my above screenshots.

It is a bright move by Android since it is very popular on Instagram to use Emoji’s.

New Google Maps (2013)


This morning I was looking for a location in Google Maps. The site prompted me if I’m interested on trying the new Google Maps which was revealed last Google I/O. Few hours later here it is, the new Google Maps. Some thoughts, the search bar is more visible now, colors are more muted. By hovering on the photos below you can now see some animated annotation pertaining to the location of the photo on the map. Continue reading New Google Maps (2013)

XBOX One Announced – The One for Gaming and Watching?


Microsoft has just announced its XBOX One (thankfully not 720) the next gen console after the well-loved 360. It is now an entertainment system that can play Blu-ray and of course digital medias thru its internal HDD.

The 8-core powered media entertainment console will surely drive the heat with the impending release of Sony’s PS4. This makes the famous gaming consoles not for playing alone, and this may impact the standalone market of media players, well if this will be sold cheap.

I’m really excited for both systems the XBOX One and the Sony PS4. But since we already have the PS3 the Kinect technology has been lingering around my head for quite some time. Maybe this is the opportunity to try since Microsoft said it has next gen of Kinect technology.

Microsoft’s announcement is still just a teaser and will most likely reveal the full details including the price and release date at E3 2013 in June. For now, you can read the basic details at the XBOX One site.

Image Source: XBOX One

Hangouts Replaces Google Talk


Google Talk a.k.a. Gtalk is now gone. Last week at the Google i/o event, Google launched its unified messaging app called Hangouts. It is part of Google’s strategy in streamlining its overlapping products. Hangouts is capable of sending and receiving images and videos. It is now also the messaging app to handle video calls.

Hangouts is planning on to be the 1-for-all messaging and video calling needs. It is available on both Android and iOS including on desktop PC’s.

One of the cool features is the Hangouts On Air – think Ustream.

You can read more about Hangouts here

Cloudfone Temptation – An Affordable Android Phone or Get it for “Free” From Globe

Just 3 hours ago I was in Globe business center Binondo (spent almost half of my day for this) to apply for an additional postpaid line and phone. I need a new landline phone with a Globe Duo service. Luckily I found out that there is a Cloudfone Temptation that is an Android Phone with physical QWERTY keyboard and a touch sensitive screen offered by Globe. Glich’s Life said its a repackaged Huawei U8350, GSM Arena has its full specs.

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Goodbye Traditional Notepad! Hello Digital! My Notepad App Musings

Taking notes is one of the vital things to do by a multi-tasking human like me. Jotting notes, minutes of a meeting or just doodling for some ideas can be done on a traditional notepad paper. Every year I consume at least one steno note pad and a clutter of scratch papers for this purpose. For the longest time I’ve been planning to do this digitally all the way ever since I bought my first PDA the Casio PV-200. From that monochrome gadget to now the 9.7″ screen colored tablet I know theres a lot of differences and maybe it is time to really say goodbye.

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Things You Need to Know About (SOPA) Stop Online Piracy Act [infographic]

An infographic from Buzzfeed to understand it in a snap. (via americancensorship.org)

Will it affect us Filipinos? Yes! Facebooker’s, Youtuber’s and Twitterer’s who post infringing content and media will be blocked, banned or worst sanctioned. And not only that there are many many other services that will be affected. I suggest you read on below or Google SOPA.

An excerpt from Wikipedia:

Proponents of the bill say it protects the intellectual property market and corresponding industry, jobs and revenue, and is necessary to bolster enforcement of copyright laws especially against foreign websites.They cite examples such as Google’s $500 million settlement with the Department of Justice for its role in a scheme to target U.S. consumers with ads to buy illegal prescription drugs from Canadian pharmacies. Opponents say that it violates the First Amendment, is Internet censorship, will cripple the Internet,and will threaten whistle-blowing and other free speech.

SOPA on Wikepedia

Free WiFi at the Supermarket

Surprise! Even supermarkets provide free Internet connection, thats how competitive this business is now. I think Internet has become a necessity and this is specially useful to tech-savvy shoppers who wants to save on 3G and socialize or use their scanning apps like Red Laser while shopping. We are getting there and maybe in the coming years Philippines will be a WiFi’ed country. Dream on since “Its More Fun In The Philippines” (pun intended or fun intended).

Do You Love Movie and TV Trailers? Try Wall of Video for iOS

Wall of Video provides an easy way playing thru a wall of movie and TV posters. It’s a clever idea because many times we remember the poster art work than the movie titles. Obviously Wall of Video library comes from Apple because when you click on the download button it directs you to the iTunes Store.

This app is available on both iPhone and iPad as a universal app.


UPDATE: Not all of the videos comes from Apple