Save 50% on bandwidth with the newly updated Chrome iOS

Google Chrome for iOS is now updated with the intriguing “50% bandwidth savings” feature. How true? We still don’t know yet.

If you want to track it then go to your Chrome settings and tap on the Bandwidth option. For Android users, you should have this already because Chrome Android released this last January 16.

Fire up your app updates now!

XBOX One Announced – The One for Gaming and Watching?


Microsoft has just announced its XBOX One (thankfully not 720) the next gen console after the well-loved 360. It is now an entertainment system that can play Blu-ray and of course digital medias thru its internal HDD.

The 8-core powered media entertainment console will surely drive the heat with the impending release of Sony’s PS4. This makes the famous gaming consoles not for playing alone, and this may impact the standalone market of media players, well if this will be sold cheap.

I’m really excited for both systems the XBOX One and the Sony PS4. But since we already have the PS3 the Kinect technology has been lingering around my head for quite some time. Maybe this is the opportunity to try since Microsoft said it has next gen of Kinect technology.

Microsoft’s announcement is still just a teaser and will most likely reveal the full details including the price and release date at E3 2013 in June. For now, you can read the basic details at the XBOX One site.

Image Source: XBOX One

LG Philippines New Smart Appliances


Few weeks ago I attended the launching of new products from LG. The first thing hit my mind when I receive the invite was that, does LG know that I’m in the market of buying a new TV? Well, of course its pun intended. For the past 4 weeks that our TV died from the adventures of youngest son, I’ve been researching and wanting a new television.

LG Philippines announced its new TV’s specifically the LA series models.Surprisingly the monster 84″ LG Ultra HD TV (worlds first Ultra HD TV) was in the holding area. That ultra sharp 84″ incher TV was showing a series of excellent photographs, I can’t hide the fact that It would be fantastic to have that kind of huge screen at home and I also imagined that at this size 4k footages will be as detailed as the demo’ed photographs. But after hearing the price, all the dream to have an ultra monster TV became an impossible thought. Continue reading LG Philippines New Smart Appliances

Five Reasons Why You Might Need a US iTunes Account

The Philippine iTunes Store is limited to buying iOS apps only. Many of the prime features are not available due to copyright reasons. Here are the five reasons why you might need a US iTunes account.

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iTunes match you can now rest

After 2 days my iTunes Match is finally resting. It matched half of the 3,680 songs then half were the ones who made the process long, thanks to slow uploads. So imagine if you have 25,000 in your library and 20,000 of are unmatched. One of the tricks is delete the songs that you really don’t like. I’ll be posting a tutorial and thoughts about this service soon…