iPhone X, iPhone 8 Plus and iPhone 8 “Actual” Size Differences

It’s been awhile.. Well, it’s been years since I posted here. It was long enough that there’s already a new 10th anniversary iPhone.

I’ve been a switcher to Plus size iPhone since the 6 Plus. Right now I’m using the 7 Plus which I got early this year and was fairly new from September of 2016. But Apple just decided to have a special edition iPhone this year which is now called the iPhone X. The iPhone X is thinner and shorter than the Plus and a little bit taller and wider against the iPhone 6, 7 and 8 models.

I just can’t hide the fact that it’s an interesting phone for an upgrade path in the far future (hopefully I can hold on). So with some extra time and quick compositing, I took the actual photos from Apple’s comparison page and made this overlay mock-ups.

iphones compa

Based from the mock-up above, I can say that if you are accustomed by the actual frame size of the iPhone 6, 7 and 8 you will love the X model with a bonus of bigger screen and higher resolution. And if you love the Plus size models just like me, you will be tempted because the (tad) narrower screen could be a good compromise for a better hand holdable / pocketable experience.

As of this writing, I’m really not looking forward on upgrading to it anytime but the 4K 60fps video is tempting since I use my iPhone 7 Plus sometimes for video work as our C / B cam. Other than that, I can live with my 7 Plus for the meantime.

Note: I hope Apple’s photos are in the same ratio of each of the models so that this mock-up will give us a near accurate estimate of the size differences. 


Foursquare Now Forces Users to Checkin With Swarm

Foursquare app on iOS now forces us users to checkin with Swarm. While Swarm’s is entertainingly good but honestly don’t like it. For me, the Foursquare app is more useful because of its tips and the UI is more intuitive. But it looks like Foursquare is is about to kill its original app anytime this year. If ain’t broke don’t fix it right Foursquare? I believe there will be user backlash here.

Anyway if this is inevitable then just bring back the private checkin and I’ll be happy.

Goodbye Traditional Notepad! Hello Digital! My Notepad App Musings

Taking notes is one of the vital things to do by a multi-tasking human like me. Jotting notes, minutes of a meeting or just doodling for some ideas can be done on a traditional notepad paper. Every year I consume at least one steno note pad and a clutter of scratch papers for this purpose. For the longest time I’ve been planning to do this digitally all the way ever since I bought my first PDA the Casio PV-200. From that monochrome gadget to now the 9.7″ screen colored tablet I know theres a lot of differences and maybe it is time to really say goodbye.

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Free WiFi at the Supermarket

Surprise! Even supermarkets provide free Internet connection, thats how competitive this business is now. I think Internet has become a necessity and this is specially useful to tech-savvy shoppers who wants to save on 3G and socialize or use their scanning apps like Red Laser while shopping. We are getting there and maybe in the coming years Philippines will be a WiFi’ed country. Dream on since “Its More Fun In The Philippines” (pun intended or fun intended).

Finally a human post here on tekgik.com after almost 3 years!

Hello there! As I’ve tweeted yesterday I will re-activate this website to its full glory. This site has been around since March 2009 and my first post was this. I’ve already spent 2 days for this, shopping for a nice but minimal theme that will serve this blog’s purpose, today I tweaked the template to my liking but still I’ll be adding other static pages in the coming days.

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