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Heres my Twitter list of Philippines’ News and Services that I’ve been using during times like this. I curated over 100 important Twitter accounts from news bureaus, government institutions, news anchors, schools, telephone and airline services and many others. This is best viewed with Flipboard and the latest official Twitter app so you can view the images immediately.

You don’t need to follow each account or even my account to read the tweets.

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In any case I overlooked an account @mention me on Twitter and I’ll add it.

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Don’t fall for “Apple” email scams like this

Screen Shot 2014-01-22 at 11.00.29 AM

There are tons of  Apple scam emails that is taking the rounds on the web. Just a tip, always look at the actual email address if it has a valid URL / domain. If you see something similar just like at the above image then obviously it’s a scam. In the first place the language of the email is in French which is impossible for me to receive because my Apple ID’s are Ph and Us only. Be careful out there.

Your Waze Car Now Has Headlight When Driving at Night

Waze the new billion dollar baby of Google has been updated. Version 3.7.2 (iOS) now features showing a headlight in front of your nav car on the map whenever you use it in night mode.

I found a bug in this version though, the app is freezing sometimes.

And yeah Android version will have to wait again.

Wanna Know Your IP Address Quickly? Here’s a Tip!

Screen Shot 2013-06-10 at 9.33.37 AM

Open any browser that has Google search built in. Type “My IP” without the “quotes” then Google will give you your IP address (as seen above). This is useful for technical reporting like if you are having problems with your server or anything.

A warning though, your IP address is your direct computer address on the web and you should to not divulge your IP if you don’t trust who you are talking to.

Emoji on iOS Can Now be Seen on Android


Emoji’s are now compatible on Android, at least on Jelly Bean OS. It doesn’t display as colorful as iOS but you can clearly see what the icon is. See my above screenshots.

It is a bright move by Android since it is very popular on Instagram to use Emoji’s.

Cloudfone Temptation – An Affordable Android Phone or Get it for “Free” From Globe

Just 3 hours ago I was in Globe business center Binondo (spent almost half of my day for this) to apply for an additional postpaid line and phone. I need a new landline phone with a Globe Duo service. Luckily I found out that there is a Cloudfone Temptation that is an Android Phone with physical QWERTY keyboard and a touch sensitive screen offered by Globe. Glich’s Life said its a repackaged Huawei U8350, GSM Arena has its full specs.

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Buy a US iTunes Card from the Philippines Without The Extra Charge

iTunes Store US is the main online store of Apple’s digital distribution business with millions of music and videos available. While we have our own Philippine iTunes Store the sad reality is the Philippine store is limited to iOS and Mac OS Apps only. I’ve read it somewhere that this is due to copyright (ehem piracy) reasons. Don’t be sad because this is not a Philippine only restriction. Many of the south east asian countries have the same fate. I have a post here about the “Five reasons why you might need a US iTunes account”.

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Five Reasons Why You Might Need a US iTunes Account

The Philippine iTunes Store is limited to buying iOS apps only. Many of the prime features are not available due to copyright reasons. Here are the five reasons why you might need a US iTunes account.

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