Foursquare Now Forces Users to Checkin With Swarm

Foursquare app on iOS now forces us users to checkin with Swarm. While Swarm’s is entertainingly good but honestly don’t like it. For me, the Foursquare app is more useful because of its tips and the UI is more intuitive. But it looks like Foursquare is is about to kill its original app anytime this year. If ain’t broke don’t fix it right Foursquare? I believe there will be user backlash here.

Anyway if this is inevitable then just bring back the private checkin and I’ll be happy.

Monument Valley – A Game of Trickery

I maybe late in the game downloading this fantastic app. Monument Valley is what games should be in touch gadgets such as tablets and smart phones. Its a puzzle-like game with 3D illusion trickery for you to be able to get through the path and gates. The $3.99 vector rendered game looks really cool on the iPad Air, but what makes it even more awesome is the in-game sounds that makes vibration-like experience whenever a scenario demands it.

So far I’m on level 3 because my eldest son kidnapped my new “toy”. Hopefully I get to finish it this sunday when work mode is turned off. Are you playing Monument Valley too?

Save 50% on bandwidth with the newly updated Chrome iOS

Google Chrome for iOS is now updated with the intriguing “50% bandwidth savings” feature. How true? We still don’t know yet.

If you want to track it then go to your Chrome settings and tap on the Bandwidth option. For Android users, you should have this already because Chrome Android released this last January 16.

Fire up your app updates now!

Simplified Waze Update

Waze version 3.2.2 iOS update is out. Auto typing completion will soon hit your search box. Waze simplified the menus too which I think a very wise UI tweak. This is rather minor but very helpful update and if you are like me who use Waze on a daily basis this is a very welcome improvements. Continue reading Simplified Waze Update

Official Twitter App Turns v6.0

Twitter has been busy since its IPO offerings. They are trying a lot of new features to its platform. Today version 6.0 of its iOS app comes out.

There are some new design tweaks in this release plus the ability to send and receive photos via DM. See my screenshot above to know more about the entire release notes.

Unfortunately Tweetbot will still be my primary Twitter client.

Your Waze Car Now Has Headlight When Driving at Night

Waze the new billion dollar baby of Google has been updated. Version 3.7.2 (iOS) now features showing a headlight in front of your nav car on the map whenever you use it in night mode.

I found a bug in this version though, the app is freezing sometimes.

And yeah Android version will have to wait again.

Instagram Adds Video


Facebook’s Instagram now adds 15 seconds video recording. The famous all-in-one social sharing app will be going head to head with Twitter’s Vine app.

Just like Vine the Instagram video can record and pause so you can ‘film’ several cut scenes without even touching a post-production app. Aside from this, it also features 13 filters that will provide your clips a ‘cinematic’ or ‘nostalgic’ feel.

Unfortunately the recording feature is only available on iOS. Android version will surely follow soon.

For me, I feel Vine’s 6 seconds is more practical. Time will tell who will win this battle


Android version of Instagram (4.0) now has video too

Tweetbot’s Cards View Entices Me To Come Back


Its been awhile since I last used Tweetbot both on the iPhone and iPad. If you are following me on Twitter for a long time then you’ll probably know how Appoholic I’am.

Tweetbot has been my favorite Twitter client after Tweetings. Since then I evangelized its awesome unique features. But lately the official Twitter app has been pushing some great stuff and honestly fell in love with it.

Today, I accidentally opened my Tweetbot on my iPhone, pulled down the stream and saw a rectangle on the side of the search bar. Apparently Tweetbot added a “Cards View” or they simply call it “Media View” it displays all supported embedded photos and videos and shows the full width of the stream.


I will give it a run this weekend and see if I’ll reunite my love with Tweetbot.

Instagram is Now Listening After The ToS Disgust Yesterday


There was a loud noise against Instagram new ToS yesterday that will take in effect on January 16 next year. The controversial paragraph about advertisement was the big blow to hardcore Instagram users especially hitting professional photography. The wordings were so vague and unclear. Today Kevin Systrom co-founder of Instagram issued an statement on their blog.

Quoting the important part below:

Advertising on Instagram From the start, Instagram was created to become a business. Advertising is one of many ways that Instagram can become a self-sustaining business, but not the only one. Our intention in updating the terms was to communicate that we’d like to experiment with innovative advertising that feels appropriate on Instagram. Instead it was interpreted by many that we were going to sell your photos to others without any compensation. This is not true and it is our mistake that this language is confusing. To be clear: it is not our intention to sell your photos. We are working on updated language in the terms to make sure this is clear.

Well, for me damage has been done and with the big money of facetagram (Facebook and Instagram) they should have carefully studied the ToS first before publishing it. I know their lawyers are aware of Facebook being so ‘careless’ about privacy policies and copyright issues. There is nothing wrong in monetizing their service but they should have done something like what Flickr and 500px is doing, the pro membership route. Let us see then what will happen on or before January 16.

Obviously I love Instagram and been hooked to it more than 2 years now. I’ve been sharing my photo musings (mostly smart phone photography) and discovered a lot of talented Instagrammers to check out once in awhile but  if the ToS will be awfully the same then I guess I need to find another service. Flickr’s newly updated app is kinda cool and been playing with the app since yesterday.

Instagram on Android SOON?!

According to a post at Techcrunch Kevin Systrom and Mike Krieger app founders made some teasing commentary about Instagram on the Android platform.

“In some ways, it’s better than our iOS app. It’s crazy,” Systrom mentioned.

Well, the devs are probably waiting for that rumored $40million funds they are raising? Or they are just teasing the venture capitalists to bite that noise? Who knows! all I can say is that just bring the Android version out now or else you’ll be left out.

Goodbye Traditional Notepad! Hello Digital! My Notepad App Musings

Taking notes is one of the vital things to do by a multi-tasking human like me. Jotting notes, minutes of a meeting or just doodling for some ideas can be done on a traditional notepad paper. Every year I consume at least one steno note pad and a clutter of scratch papers for this purpose. For the longest time I’ve been planning to do this digitally all the way ever since I bought my first PDA the Casio PV-200. From that monochrome gadget to now the 9.7″ screen colored tablet I know theres a lot of differences and maybe it is time to really say goodbye.

Continue reading Goodbye Traditional Notepad! Hello Digital! My Notepad App Musings