iPhone X, iPhone 8 Plus and iPhone 8 “Actual” Size Differences

It’s been awhile.. Well, it’s been years since I posted here. It was long enough that there’s already a new 10th anniversary iPhone.

I’ve been a switcher to Plus size iPhone since the 6 Plus. Right now I’m using the 7 Plus which I got early this year and was fairly new from September of 2016. But Apple just decided to have a special edition iPhone this year which is now called the iPhone X. The iPhone X is thinner and shorter than the Plus and a little bit taller and wider against the iPhone 6, 7 and 8 models.

I just can’t hide the fact that it’s an interesting phone for an upgrade path in the far future (hopefully I can hold on). So with some extra time and quick compositing, I took the actual photos from Apple’s comparison page and made this overlay mock-ups.

iphones compa

Based from the mock-up above, I can say that if you are accustomed by the actual frame size of the iPhone 6, 7 and 8 you will love the X model with a bonus of bigger screen and higher resolution. And if you love the Plus size models just like me, you will be tempted because the (tad) narrower screen could be a good compromise for a better hand holdable / pocketable experience.

As of this writing, I’m really not looking forward on upgrading to it anytime but the 4K 60fps video is tempting since I use my iPhone 7 Plus sometimes for video work as our C / B cam. Other than that, I can live with my 7 Plus for the meantime.

Note: I hope Apple’s photos are in the same ratio of each of the models so that this mock-up will give us a near accurate estimate of the size differences. 


Camera+ 5.0 takes iPhone photography to the next level

The popular iOS camera app Camera+ 5.0 is now available. It has some new exciting features like the Clarity Pro which can be found with an abundance of new tools in The Lab.

Best part is you can upgrade your existing Camera+ free of charge!

Take a look at the new features here

iPad Mini Now Available in The Philippine Apple Store


Apple’s iPad Mini is officially available now at least on the Apple online Philippine store. The link to ‘Buy Now’courses the buyer to a list of Apple resellers though. According to the main page of the store the 16gb can be had for P15,990.

Aside from the Mini, the 4th gen New iPad was also released. You’ll also notice that the new thin iMac’s is available for order.

Its a nice Christmas gift for those who are waiting for these devices to be available here in Manila.

iOS 6 Maps Feature Availability (Philippines)

Apple ditched Google Maps in the upcoming iOS 6 to be released on Sept 19 worldwide. The big A will be deploying its own mapping app simply called Maps, same name but different back-end. Maps got some good set of features from 3D flyover, turn-by-turn navigation, traffic and local search. You can use these features if you live in the US and other countries listed here. Unfortunately if you live in the Philippines we can only use some of the goodies.

Here are the only features we can use here in the Philippines

  • Standard map views and search
  • Directions
  • Satellite

I’m happy that  we can still use Directions and thats good enough for me. I’ll just use Waze with my turn-by-turn navigation needs. By the way, since Apple will have its own mapping app, we can expect Google releasing a standalone Google Maps app for iOS.

Source: Apple

iMessages for the Mac is here

Apple just made our connected life seamless again! With the Mountain Lion OS X preview release last night, the Cupertino billion dollar company releases a Beta version of Messages on the Mac. It’s a heaven sent for Mac – iOS users like me, it syncs messages to all your devices with the same Apple ID.

Be warned though that it will replace iChat app but don’t worry it will restore your chat history and you can still use other IM services like Google Talk. Now the wait for Mountain Lion OS starts now.


Buy a US iTunes Card from the Philippines Without The Extra Charge

iTunes Store US is the main online store of Apple’s digital distribution business with millions of music and videos available. While we have our own Philippine iTunes Store the sad reality is the Philippine store is limited to iOS and Mac OS Apps only. I’ve read it somewhere that this is due to copyright (ehem piracy) reasons. Don’t be sad because this is not a Philippine only restriction. Many of the south east asian countries have the same fate. I have a post here about the “Five reasons why you might need a US iTunes account”.

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Five Reasons Why You Might Need a US iTunes Account

The Philippine iTunes Store is limited to buying iOS apps only. Many of the prime features are not available due to copyright reasons. Here are the five reasons why you might need a US iTunes account.

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Do You Love Movie and TV Trailers? Try Wall of Video for iOS

Wall of Video provides an easy way playing thru a wall of movie and TV posters. It’s a clever idea because many times we remember the poster art work than the movie titles. Obviously Wall of Video library comes from Apple because when you click on the download button it directs you to the iTunes Store.

This app is available on both iPhone and iPad as a universal app.


UPDATE: Not all of the videos comes from Apple


iTunes match you can now rest

After 2 days my iTunes Match is finally resting. It matched half of the 3,680 songs then half were the ones who made the process long, thanks to slow uploads. So imagine if you have 25,000 in your library and 20,000 of are unmatched. One of the tricks is delete the songs that you really don’t like. I’ll be posting a tutorial and thoughts about this service soon…

Post 2009 WWDC Announcements.. iPhone 3Gs, MacBook Pro & Snow Leopard

I’ve waited for many hours (1:00am PH time) just to hear and see the 2009 WWDC Keynote.

Some of the interesting announcements made today.

New Improved MacBook Pro Family


  • Speed bumps
  • Longer Battery life up to 7 hours
  • SD Slot
  • No more MacBook Unibody

iPhone 3Gs


  • Digital compass
  • 3mp camera
  • Camera: AF, AWB and VGA Video recording
  • Slightly increased battery life
  • Many more software enhancements via iPhone OS 3.0
  • 2x speed improvement
  • Data tethering

Save the dates and prepare your deposit slips

Mac OS X Snow Leopard will be available in September. Upgrade will be $29 only

iPhone 3G 8GB will now be the low-end iPhone selling it for $99 with carrier contracts

iPhone OS 3.0 will be available on June 17 $9.95 for upgrade

iPhone 3Gs will be on sale on June 19 $199 16GB, $299 32GB

Via www.apple.com

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