Camera+ 5.0 takes iPhone photography to the next level

The popular iOS camera app Camera+ 5.0 is now available. It has some new exciting features like the Clarity Pro which can be found with an abundance of new tools in The Lab.

Best part is you can upgrade your existing Camera+ free of charge!

Take a look at the new features here

Fujifilm and the leaked retrofied ILC X-Pro 1

It looks like Fujifilm is reserving its big announcement of this interchangeable camera dubbed the X-Pro 1. A banking site accidentally leaked it yesterday. It got some identical resemblance of the current serious compact the x10. We will know next week if this is just an imagination or a reality. I think its legit and I want one.

via Slashgear

Fujifilm and their 27 cameras


Fujifilm (yes still not digital) announced their 27 cameras for 2012 from the compact JZ100 to the more expensive bridge camera the HS30EXR. Nothing to get excited about since the rumored interchangeable APS-C x100-like design is nowhere to be found. Their press release.

The only interesting camera among the lot is the FinePix XP150 and XP100 because of its abuse-proof and GPS features.

Photo above: FinePix XP150 and XP100

The Nikon beast is out with a D4 label

I always wonder how a Nikon performs? Since I started using a DSLR I haven’t owned anything beside Canon. Specs wise, this is truly a beast that matches the Canon 1Dx. A 16MP sensor with up to 12fps speed and 51 points AF system, it is certainly the best speced Nikon camera ever made. One of my target this year is to own a Nikon but certainly not this wallet draining camera. Linky for the full info about this at Nikon’s website.

$100k + 1000FPS HD Camera

Outstanding sample footage from this $100k camera. A high-speed camera capable of shooting 1000fps that makes fast action so slow and smooth. Hit the link to slash gear for more info.


The BBC have released footage filmed with their $100,000 high-speed HD camera, a modified TyphoonHD4, in advance of their new documentary South Pacific. The camera – which is capable of filming in super slow motion and high definition at 20 times the speed of a normal HD camera – was used to record big wave surfer Dylan Longbottom in a 12 foot monster barrel, the first time such footage has ever been filmed.

via SlashGear