iMessages for the Mac is here

Apple just made our connected life seamless again! With the Mountain Lion OS X preview release last night, the Cupertino billion dollar company releases a Beta version of Messages on the Mac. It’s a heaven sent for Mac – iOS users like me, it syncs messages to all your devices with the same Apple ID.

Be warned though that it will replace iChat app but don’t worry it will restore your chat history and you can still use other IM services like Google Talk. Now the wait for Mountain Lion OS starts now.


Post 2009 WWDC Announcements.. iPhone 3Gs, MacBook Pro & Snow Leopard

I’ve waited for many hours (1:00am PH time) just to hear and see the 2009 WWDC Keynote.

Some of the interesting announcements made today.

New Improved MacBook Pro Family


  • Speed bumps
  • Longer Battery life up to 7 hours
  • SD Slot
  • No more MacBook Unibody

iPhone 3Gs


  • Digital compass
  • 3mp camera
  • Camera: AF, AWB and VGA Video recording
  • Slightly increased battery life
  • Many more software enhancements via iPhone OS 3.0
  • 2x speed improvement
  • Data tethering

Save the dates and prepare your deposit slips

Mac OS X Snow Leopard will be available in September. Upgrade will be $29 only

iPhone 3G 8GB will now be the low-end iPhone selling it for $99 with carrier contracts

iPhone OS 3.0 will be available on June 17 $9.95 for upgrade

iPhone 3Gs will be on sale on June 19 $199 16GB, $299 32GB


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