Instagram Adds Video


Facebook’s Instagram now adds 15 seconds video recording. The famous all-in-one social sharing app will be going head to head with Twitter’s Vine app.

Just like Vine the Instagram video can record and pause so you can ‘film’ several cut scenes without even touching a post-production app. Aside from this, it also features 13 filters that will provide your clips a ‘cinematic’ or ‘nostalgic’ feel.

Unfortunately the recording feature is only available on iOS. Android version will surely follow soon.

For me, I feel Vine’s 6 seconds is more practical. Time will tell who will win this battle


Android version of Instagram (4.0) now has video too

Do You Love Movie and TV Trailers? Try Wall of Video for iOS

Wall of Video provides an easy way playing thru a wall of movie and TV posters. It’s a clever idea because many times we remember the poster art work than the movie titles. Obviously Wall of Video library comes from Apple because when you click on the download button it directs you to the iTunes Store.

This app is available on both iPhone and iPad as a universal app.


UPDATE: Not all of the videos comes from Apple


$100k + 1000FPS HD Camera

Outstanding sample footage from this $100k camera. A high-speed camera capable of shooting 1000fps that makes fast action so slow and smooth. Hit the link to slash gear for more info.


The BBC have released footage filmed with their $100,000 high-speed HD camera, a modified TyphoonHD4, in advance of their new documentary South Pacific. The camera – which is capable of filming in super slow motion and high definition at 20 times the speed of a normal HD camera – was used to record big wave surfer Dylan Longbottom in a 12 foot monster barrel, the first time such footage has ever been filmed.

via SlashGear