iOS 6 Maps Feature Availability (Philippines)

Apple ditched Google Maps in the upcoming iOS 6 to be released on Sept 19 worldwide. The big A will be deploying its own mapping app simply called Maps, same name but different back-end. Maps got some good set of features from 3D flyover, turn-by-turn navigation, traffic and local search. You can use these features if you live in the US and other countries listed here. Unfortunately if you live in the Philippines we can only use some of the goodies.

Here are the only features we can use here in the Philippines

  • Standard map views and search
  • Directions
  • Satellite

I’m happy that  we can still use Directions and thats good enough for me. I’ll just use Waze with my turn-by-turn navigation needs. By the way, since Apple will have its own mapping app, we can expect Google releasing a standalone Google Maps app for iOS.

Source: Apple

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