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Wish Apple Will Say More. iPhone 6 and iWatch? We’ll see!

Apple teased the September 9 event with a “Wish we could say more” line. The event is believed to be the unveiling of the new iPhone which happens every year during September. If you’ve been following the tech blogs chances are you’ve already seen the leaked iPhone 6. Rumors says that there will be two versions of the iPhone, one with 4.7 in screen and the other one is 5.5 in.

I’m very excited with the announcement since I’m due for a re-contracting this coming January and my iPhone 5 really needs a replacement because of its damaged screen panel.

Theres a rumored “iWatch” too so this event is will be a packed one if its true. This rumored “iWatch” doesn’t excite me much but if it can call, shoot photo, monitor my health independently then my money will probably negotiate.

Apple may finally be releasing iOS 8 on this event if not today maybe within this week. We’ll see!

This Apple event will start at 10:00 AM Pacific time on September 9 so here in Philippines it will be on September 10 at 1:00 AM.

So Apple please say more and excite us!

Google Photo Sphere Now Available on iOS

The 360° photo app of Google is now available for iOS users. I just tried it and it has a better implementation than the other 360° camera app that I used.

Gone are the days that we need to bring our heavy panoramic heads and DSLR with fisheye lenses. Smartphone apps are kind of killing so many industry segments these days.

Download Photo Sphere

Apple App Store Productivity Apps Discount on Going

The iOS app has an on going sale of some of most famous productivity Apps on the App Store. Fantastical 2, Scanner Pro, Boxer, Launch Center Pro and many more.

I already have 3 of the apps among the list. Today I bought Boxer, this app is a universal email app that has a promising feature set and I hope its worth the $4.99 price tag (discounted).

Grab the opportunity and visit your App store, you won’t miss it as it is featured on the slider above. I highly recommend Fantastical 2, Scanner Pro and Launch Center Pro 3 since I have a first hand experiences with these apps and continuously using it up to today.

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