Buy a US iTunes Card from the Philippines Without The Extra Charge

iTunes Store US is the main online store of Apple’s digital distribution business with millions of music and videos available. While we have our own Philippine iTunes Store the sad reality is the Philippine store is limited to iOS and Mac OS Apps only. I’ve read it somewhere that this is due to copyright (ehem piracy) reasons. Don’t be sad because this is not a Philippine only restriction. Many of the south east asian countries have the same fate. I have a post here about the “Five reasons why you might need a US iTunes account”.

There are already a handful of options buying an iTunes Gift Card in the Philippines. But whats different here is that, with this method you’ll be able to get it the same price as the card. A US$50 card will cost you the same no extra “tubo” mark-up.

You have two options to do this:

  1. – Best Buy accepts Philippine issued credit card. Make an account first and make your billing address a US address, say a Starbucks in San Francisco.
  2. – An alternative method but you need a US issued credit card. They also sell it at a discount, last December they sell a $50 card for $40 only.

The above links are specific to to a $50 Gift Card. You can search for a $10, $15 and $25 denominations just make sure its an email delivery card. As I hinted these are all digital delivery, the codes will be emailed to you after few minutes so make sure your email is valid.

3 thoughts on “Buy a US iTunes Card from the Philippines Without The Extra Charge”

  1. Finally, i was able to try this and i’m downloading mp3s right now. To those who will buy, just a reminder again, as written in the post, you should choose the itunes code for digital delivery. The sites mentioned above also sells itunes card (the physical card) so make sure you choose the correct one.

    thanks sir regie for the helpful tip

  2. Also, I looked at the price of a $100 iTunes gift card at a Power Mac store in Trinoma QC and the price was around P5,400 that’s around $130!! I’d rather pay a smaller price for US code over $30 more for a Pinas card…yikes.

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